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    Stuttgart-based artist Sibylle Duhm-Arnaudov, together with Japanese singer Yasuko Kozaki, create a complete multimedia artwork with this Butoh performance. It extraordinarily combines different artistic disciplines, such as singing, dance and video.

    LOCATION: Turbine Hall at the Historical-Technical Museum of the former Heeresversuchsanstalt Peenemünde, where the Nazis developed and built the V1 and V2 from 1936 to 1945, under the direction of Wernher von Braun (later head of NASA and the American Space Program). More than 44,000 forced laborers and others concentration camps die due to the cruel conditions under which these rockets are produced, almost double the number of civilian casualties caused by these weapons in England and the Netherlands.

    MUSIC: Pieces that were originally declared “degenerate music” by the Nazis, with consequent censorship. Compositions by Axel Ruoff, Viktor Ullmann, Hanns Eisler, Karel Berman and Leonard Bernstein, telling the pain inflicted by man on his own kind. Viktor Ullmann composed his opera "The Emperor of Atlantis" inside the concentration camp of Auschwitz. In 1944, the Nazis killed him there.

    BUTOH: Seiji Tanaka, Japanese Butoh dancer, disciple of Butoh founder Kazuo Ohno. This variant of modern expressive dance, developed from 1959 by Ohno and others, is better suited than almost any other form of artistic expression to represent both the peaks and the abysses of human life and action.

    DYNAMIC SCENIC DESIGN OF SHOWING, PHOTOGRAPHY AND VIDEO: Günther takes this part for Sibylle, his fellow student at the Stuttgart Academy of Art.

    Here is his 5-minute clip of the 80-minute première in Peenemünde on 26 May 2019.